Today on my way to work, I walked by Hooters on 57th and it stirred some weird feelings in my head.

I applied to work at Hooters not once, but THREE times when I was in college. 

People…I didn’t even get an interview!  I had a decent resume, I interview well.  I don’t know why they never bothered calling me in.

Looking back on the whole scenario, I’m actually really glad I didn’t get hired there.  Hooters girls don’t really make very much money.  If you’re going to work at Hooters, you might as well work at a strip club and make more $ doing a lot less than busting your ass waiting tables.

I knew a girl who claimed she “bartended” at Hooters.  Back in the day you could only get beer at Hooters.  Pouring someone a glass of beer or popping of the lid with an opener hardly makes you a bartender. 

I knew two girls that were in the Hooters calendar I was secretly envious of this.  Now I could really care less.

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