Howard TV Beer Pong…aka: How I spent 8 hours yesterday.

So I was informed Thursday night around 1:00am that I was going to be “competing” on Howard TV’s Strip Beer Pong Tournament.  Needless to say I wanted to celebrate.  I got drunk, then overslept for my call time-which has actually never happened to me before.  Thankfully a manager called me and politely told me I was late.  I managed to rush out and make it on time.

I don’t really have any pics from this shoot, which annoys me.  Here are a very few.  I mean a few.  But keep in mind, if you were being fed vodka and beer for8 hours, you probably wouldn’t feel like taking pics either.

This is not my ass.

This is not my ass.


Yeah I know.  I suck.  I really wish I would’ve taken more pics.  Ah…live and learn.  It was my first time ever playing beer pong and I actually managed to make it to the final four, but ended up losing my top in the very end.  The shoot was a lot of fun, but I was extremely tired and tipsy throughout.  Here is a photo of me after.



I think I’m even getting an imdb credit for this!  Awesome!  It’ll read “The Sopranos”, “Mona Lisa Smile”, “What We Do Is Secret”, and “Strip Beer Pong”.  WOW.  A girl was quite apologetic to me when I lost saying, “You were a good sport…” and I was like, “Uh…it’s beer pong, not the US Open.”  She seemed to take offense that I was so non-chalaunt about the whole thing.  I was just there to have fun.

Don’t forget “Stripped Stories” UCB March 5th.  Get your tickets in advance!

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