I’m playing a stripper on television!

For the first time I will be portraying a stripper on the television show “Fringe”.  It shoots tomorrow and I’m very excited.  I am going to be dancing “scantily clad” on a stage wearing a slip!

I’ve had several opportunities to audition for stripper roles before.  Most of these auditions were for “The Sopranos”  I never was cast as a stripper, but certainly came close (I eventually played a bartender at a strip club but my part ended up on the cutting room floor).  The call backs were always in front of a table full of producers, directors, etc.  Usually they would be eating and they’d bring in groups of three at a time.  We were told to take off our shirts and do our scene.  The scenes were always very similar.

“Where’s Tina today?”

“I don’t know.”(my line)

“I heard she was sleeping with (insert name)”.

I suppose my favorite line I had to scream at a Sopranos audition was:

“He’s got a gun…he’s got a gun!”

I didn’t get that role, instead they ended up looping the line in the episode.

When I was in LA I auditioned for a horror movie that had Cheech from Cheech and Chong in it.  I have blocked the details out of my mind because I was mad that didn’t want to see my boobs after my reading.  I heard the other girl audition and she wasn’t the best actress, but had implants.  They asked to see hers.   I think she got the part.  I remember being really annoyed and walking back to my car which I parked miles away.  I was wearing a t-shirt over a slutty top with jeans and people kept staring at me.  That’s why I hated Los Angeles at times.  I hated parking, and I hated walking around and having cars honk at me.

I’m excited that I get to play a stripper on Fringe!  Yay!

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