Valentines Day…


Valentines Day is a day that I’ll probably never forget.  It’s the anniversary of the day when I started stripping.
I can’t believe that was SIX years ago.  Wow.
As many of you know, I no longer strip.  I “retired” about a year ago for various reasons.  As strange as this sounds, choosing to strip was the best decision I ever made.  I learned a lot about myself, and hopefully I’ve broken stereotypes for the “haters” out there.  Most importantly, my odd part time job helped launch a writing career.
That Valentines Day 6 years ago was both depressing (since I was going through a breakup) and profitable.
I fast forward to this year and it was entirely different story…I was a guest on XM’s Opie and Anthony Channel’s Bob and Russ Show plugging Rick’s Cabaret and this very blog (and my book coming out in December 09!) 
I remember feeling pretty lousy six years ago…but I can honestly say I feel great about where I am right now.  For the first time ever, a friend of mine said to me last night, “Happy Anniversary!”…and I was like, “Huh?” and he said, “Well your life changed pretty dramatically six years ago on Valentines Day…that’s a big deal.”
So yeah…this was the best Valentines Day ever.
Oh…except for one thing…It turned out that Mystery was not a live guest on the show,  he called in from Los Angeles.  So it wasn’t THAT perfect of a day…but pretty close to it.

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