I’m learning that “The Real World” is boring to blog about.

All I have to say about this week’s episode is this.  Katelynn, please put some pants on.  I understand that you are really happy about your post-op body, but your obsession with hot pants and the recent installation of the stripper pole in the home gym is driving everyone crazy.  Chet, a hat or t-shirt or anything with your name embroidered on it is so grade school.

Okay.  I’m done blogging about The Real World.  Unless anyone gets knocked up, or if Chet finally loses his virginity, I’ve said enough about it. 

I’ve been told that Mystery from “The Pick-Up Artist” is supposed to be a guest along with me on the XM show I’m doing tomorrow.


I am unbeliveably and oddly so excited about this!  It’s a Valentines Day dream come true!  That’s when you know you’re really going places kids.  When you get to appear alongside a professional pick-up artist.  I wonder if he’ll try any of his moves on me.

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