Decisions decisions…

I had two entertainment events to choose from to attend this evening.

A. “Friday The 13th” remake- press screening.

B. Jersey Boys on Broadway.

The choice was easy!  I went to see “Friday the 13th”.  (spolier alert)

I’m thankful to my date for the invitation, however I’m probably not getting much sleep tonight.  It’s my own fault, I knew what I was getting into. 

We entered the crowded theatre filled with polite, nice, quiet press peeps.  There were two people that I recognized.

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister.

and Jeff Beacher

Huh?  I guess everyone loves scary movies.

I knew I was scared when I practically jumped out of my seat during the opening credits.  I’ve never seen the original “Friday the 13th” but my friend told me it was different and not as scary.

I’d love to be in a horror movie.  It looks like a pretty sweet acting gig.  For the most part, the hot young tweenish actors did nothing but drink, smoke pot, get high, and have sex…oh..and yeah…get killed by Jason during this film.  My favorite part was when the adorable black guy in the film decided to masturbate to what appeared to be an LL Bean Cataloge, because there was nothing else around to look at.  Another fun part was when someone broke a chair and they were told, “Go to the tool shed and get some tools, it’s at the end of that long path down the hill.”  The audience laughed at that  because it was so super cliche.

I was so stressed out after this movie that I needed to have a few drinks afterwards.  But you’re talking to someone who grew up in Middle America afraid of trailer parks and un-marked vans. 

I learned some valuable lessons from this film.

1. Don’t go camping unless you can get a signal on your cell phone.

2. If you see someone carrying around a dead body, do not follow them to see where they’re going.  Run away people, he may kill you next!

(Don’t judge for me not picking Jersey Boys. I saw it two weeks ago.  It was amazing…and I’ll see it again.)

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