The Gentleman’s Club Expo and Exotic Dancer Magazine’s Rock and Roll Awards Show 2008…part one.

It was August 2008 and truly a magical week in Las Vegas.   A lot of you were asking for pics and stories about it so here you go!

I suppose if they can have Star Trek conventions they can have them for just about anything.  I never knew there were conventions for strip clubs, let alone award ceremonies…but guess what?  There are. 

I arrived in Vegas via Los Angeles barely making my flight.   I’m pretty sure that Jen and I were still drunk from the night before.   The plan was to stay at Excalibur the first night which was connected via walkway to the Luxor for the rest of my 4 day trip.  The convention itself was in Mandalay Bay, conveniently located next door to the Luxor via a glass tunnel-ish thing. 

We checked in and started drinking Bloody Mary’s.  I started playing poker and lost about $200 in 30 minutes. YAY! (boo).

The Hotel.

The Hotel.

Then ordered another drink and decided to go take a nap.  Upon waking, I went to check out the convention.  I realized on my walk over that casino’s are kind of like “Logan’s Run”, especially if they’re all connected like the ones I was staying in.  You never have to go outside for anything.  Everything you need is right in front of you.

I get to the convention hall and pick up my pass and start walking around.  Strip Clubs had booths there, candle companies did, sex toys, stripper dresses, porn stuff, and oddly enough an insence company?  I guess maybe they used it as an excuse to take a trip to Vegas?  I have never seen insence in a strip club and I doubt I ever will.   There were booths set up with bar furniture, and then outdoor grill stuff?!…There was a champagne and vodka open bar in the middle of the convention hall..thanks to:

The first night there was a fashion show featuring the new “strapless” thong at a nightclub.  There was a lot of  drinking and I took the liberty to take some photos of some pretty amazing dance moves.

really drunk women dancing....horribly.

And more…

oh my...

And after seeing this woman, I’m really debating getting a boob job.

what do you think? should I get them THIS big?

After leaving this party I went back to my hotel room and my travel companion, Jen, was hungry so we drunkenly scowered the hallway, where she did some “freegan” work and raided the reminants of leftover room service trays.  She found a half eaten pizza and a muffin.   She offered me some of the pizza saying, “It’s really good, want some?”  I just couldn’t do it.

I woke up the next afternoon and got ready to do my seminar for dancers on finance and how to wisely manage their money without going crazy in the process of making it.  Everyone at my seminar was pretty together and it went by really fast.  I guess if you attend a strip club convention and invest the time and money, you probably are serious about being a stripper though.  Here is a picture of me standing in front of Cris Angel’s car on my way to the seminar.  I’m not a big fan of Cris, but he lives in the Luxor Hotel which is kind of cool.  He has a magic show there too!

don't i look THRILLED.

My seminar went really smoothly.  The last former dancer who gave a seminar for ED was Diablo Cody!  She was too busy to come back this year.  So after I was done I had 2 days left before the Rock N Roll Awards Show.

Not being able to sleep I gambled playing video poker and a man came up and handed me $100.  Sweet!  I didn’t even have to take any clothes off.  He was wasted and had a friend with him.  His friend was barefoot.  He said he didn’t know what happened to his shoes.  So I called him “Footloose”, I cannot recall his name.  I took a picture of him.  We went around the casino gambling and drinking and he didn’t really care that he had no shoes.  Very bizarre.

Everybody cut Footloose!


They tried to get me to go have breakfast with them, but I politely declined.  We exchanged numbers and they invited me and Jen out the next day.  As they walked into a restaurant, Footloose was told he needed to buy some shoes.

The next afternoon, Jen and I met up with Footloose and his posse of friends.  They got a limo, and some champagne, and we went to some strip clubs.  Here are the pics.  Keep in mind, these were taken when I was “fat”.  Once again, Footloose had his shoes off for most of the night.  I guess he really loves walking around barefoot.

Jen was not thrilled sitting between these two.



So yeah…this is part one.  Stay tuned for part two!

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