Just wanted to show everyone the club’s fabulous website if you haven’t been there yet, you should check it:


I love working at Ricks!  I’m no longer dancing, but I still love being there.  It almost reminds me of working at a theme restaurant in the sense that the “theme” is topless women.  It is one of the top 200 companies to work for according to Forbes Magazine.

Did you know that Rick’s is a publicly traded company?  You too can own a piece of the action.  I’m a proud shareholder myself.

With locations all over the USA everybody can participate in the fun!  Go to the website and see where there’s a club in your neighborhood!

Okay…with that said In addition to this blog and my upcoming book, I write for this magazine that Rick’s Cabaret owns as well.


It’s a trade magazine, so sorry you won’t see any nudity in it.

I hope everyone is having an AWESOME weekend.

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