The Real World (which I found boring this week) and various other musing…

 Hello All-the last blog entry is being re-vamped.  The new and improved version will be up in the next few days.

This week’s The Real World was fairly uneventful to me.  So much so that I cannot think of much to say except for to Chet: I’m sorry TRL got canceled.  Let go of your dream of hosting it.  I’m having some fashion issues with you, the black glasses are a must go.
Model Scott, you should’ve told everyone in the house that you had a girlfriend to begin with.  You broke up with her though, or maybe it was the other way around because she knew you’d f’ around.
Ryan-thank you once again for serving our country in Iraq.  Please get some therapy.  I’m now getting that you grabbing your guitar is how you deal with anger.  That’s not a bad thing, it’s just different to me.
A note for all of the people who want to be on The Real World, or significant others of people on the show.  Everyone ends up making out, having sex…etc…upon getting on the show.  It’s constant open bar/party time.  So if you can’t take that break up.  I also find it interesting when people on the show are like, “Oh my gosh my boyfriend/mom/dad/family will see this!!”  Kind of like the idiots who go on Taxicab Confessions…I mean, HELLO!
Let’s talk about another show full of vapid people, A Shot of Love with the Ikki Twins.
Basically twin sisters that are bisexual date 6 girls and 6 guys. At the end it was between Rebekkah and Trevor.  Both sisters picked Trevor, a guy who works on a boat that loves to skateboard in his free time.  It was up to him to choose.  You could see him saying to miself in his head: “Can’t I just date and sleep with both of you?”  He picked Vikki, and a family has now been torn apart.  Not a good idea to date the same guy as your sister.
On an entirely different note, Revolutionary Road is not a good date movie unless you have an extremely strong relationship.  The acting however is superb. 

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