The Real World Brooklyn…

Is it just me or have you guys noticed that everyone on “The Real World” wants to be a musician or they’re in a band already.  Has anyone ever noticed that these people generally have no talent?

Remember Julie the Mormon from the RW New Orleans?  She had a brother who had a band.  They came to stay at the house.  I do not recall hearing the band play, and if I did I suppose they weren’t that great because I can’t remember them.  Did you know that she was supposed to be on one of the flights that crashed into the Wrold Trade Center?  She overslept and missed it.  I always liked Julie.  She was one of the most popular cast members, probably because she seemed geniune.

She’s working with Abrams Artists…good for her!  I’d kind of like to do speaking engagements at colleges, but I don’t know what I’d talk about.  I wonder if Julie would think I was a raging whore if she met me….hmm…I hope not.

Okay remember the stripper Brianna from RW Hollywood?  I’m sorry…but this girl gave strippers a worse rep.  I couldn’t watch the show while home visiting my family because I didn’t want my mother to assume I was the same way.  She’s now pursuing a music career…she doesn’t have a bad voice, but I can’t get over how she behaved on the show.

She claims she’s given up stripping….who knows.  It’s hard to give up pole.

So I’ve been watching RW Brooklyn and it’s entertaining as usual.  There are aspiring singers as usual.  A few things I have issues with.  Sarah, you are adorable but when your dad calls and you do not want to talk to him, just hang up the phone.  Don’t say, “I’m hanging up the phone now…” just hang up.  Don’t answer the phone and let your roommates screen your calls like your mom told you.  I highly doubt that Sarah will see this, but if someone who knows her does please direct her to my blog.

Baya, why did you turn down the hip-hop conservatory?  Why did you even waste your time, and theirs, and the camera crew to go to the audition?  Why?  I heard your reasons that you don’t have the “time”…but seriously other than going out and drinking and being followed by a camera crew what else do you have to do.

Katelynn.  Your boyfriend is an asshole.  I do like you a lot though.  Would you consider maybe getting some layers or highlights?

Devyn.  If you meet with a casting director or agent please be on time.  Why did you drive from Brooklyn to the city?  Take the train.  I spoke with my agent about your song choice for your audition being the National Anthem.  He suggested that you find another song.

Chet.  You will no longer be a virgin after being on The Real World.  I have money riding on this.  Don’t let me down!

JD.  I think it’s cool that you train dolphins.

Ryan.  I appreciate you serving our country, however I certainly hope you are considering therapy after doing so.

Okay…I’ll be back next week blogging about the latest happenings on the show.

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