25 Things you don’t know about me, or maybe you do…

1.Two musicians have written songs about me to my knowledge. One was an amazing song called “Randi” by Jeremy Kushnier that people have speculated on the fact on whether or not it was really written about me…but the lyrics are pretty telling for many reasons. The second was Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit freestyle rapping to me at the Sound Factory before it became a condo. The third is questionable and by someone I’d rather not mention (of course I know the musician quite well) but because it’d be wishful thinking if he wrote one about me at all, and I’d like to pretend that he did write it with me in mind.

2.I used to be a backup singer in a metal band.

3.I used to be a stripper and made a crap ton of money.

4.I worked at a funeral home/mortuary in college as a pre-need secretary. (pre-need: buy before you die) I never saw a dead body, but once there was a cheap casket in the xerox/fax room which doubled as an embalming room. Once my boss yelled at me for telling him I needed to be home in time to watch 90210.

5. No male other than my parents or family or platonic friends have ever sent/given me flowers.

6. I’ve only been to Hawaii once and I loved it. I went with my friend Terry and we had brunch with Barry Williams, (Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch). It was a very Brady brunch.

7. I worked out of my college dorm as a phone sex operator.

8. At the same time I worked at Planet Hollywood.

9. I made out with Gene Simmons from KISS at Tao in New York City in the middle of the restaurant. Five years later I’m in Los Angeles working a convention and he walks up to me and tells me he remembers me from the restaurant.

10. I’ve been to the Playboy mansion twice.

11. I had a brief fling with my celebrity crush. I regret it. It broke my heart and I was never the same afterwards.

12. I used to work at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. I was so heavy at the time I was often mistaken for Monica Lewinsky.

13. I write a monthly column for this magazine http://www.exoticdancer.com to educate strippers on finance.

14. I’m getting a book published in December 09.

15. I had cornrows once.

16. I didn’t really start drinking alcohol until I turned 25. I’ve made up for lost time!

17. As a joke I auditioned for “Flava of Love” (this is when I had cornrows. This is the only show that I’ve ever come close to getting. Needless to say I turned it down.

18. My roommate is considerably older than me. I thought she was dead a few weeks ago, but she’s not.

19. I sleepwalk if I have just a little too much vodka and usually wake up in the hallway of my apartment building.

20. I have never tried a drug other than marajuana and I don’t even really count that.

21. I once sat next to Ron Jeremy and Denis Hoff from the Bunnyranch in Las Vegas, and regret not taking a pic with them.

22. I was a poker dealer in Los Angeles.

23. I’m scared of the dark and sleep with a light on, unless someone is sleeping next to me.

24. When I met my best friend he was 10 and I was 13.

25. I used to love karaoke, now I’m not so into it.

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