Telefon Tel Aviv…

I was very sad to hear that a member of the electronic duo Telefon Tel Aviv, Charlie Cooper, passed away last week at 31.  No one knows the cause of death at this time.

I recently started listening to their music and they just realeased their fourth cd, which I guesss is their last.  Maybe Cooper’s mother will pull a Mary Guibert and find some rough tracks.  I have literally four versions of  Jeff Buckley’s “The Last Goodbye”.  I actually knew a girl who encouraged him to try heroin…anyhoo.

It’s a bummer when people die, with musicans it’s sad because you know that there won’t be any new material.  I had a friend tell me to NOT listen to Eva Cassidy because it would make me too sad knowing that, well…that’s it.  No more CD’s because she passed away.

For some reason this all reminds me about a girl who I used to do bikini contests and wet-t-shirt contests with.  She died in the parking lot of a church after being thrown to the ground as her boyfriend drove away not realizing her shirt was caught in the door.  It was a shock and quite sad.  I remember the last time I saw her.  We were both beer tub girls at a total douche bag of a nightclub.  She was counting her tips and I said goodbye to her.  I walked away, hesitated for a minute and considered turning around and asking her if she wanted to hang out sometime.  I actually remember stopping and really debating.  But I didn’t turn around.  I walked out the door and never saw her again.  I always wonder what would’ve been different had I ever hung out with her.  Maybe even a greater sense of loss.  I remember it was raining and I was lying on my parents couch when I heard she had died.  I feel that it was similar in when musicians and artists pass, no more art, music…etc….and no more chances to attempt a friendship.

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