To “face” or not to “face”….that is the question.

What’s worse than being “ignored” on Facebook?  Face it (haha…no pun intended).  We’ve all been guilty of hitting that button.  Usually I hit it when getting requests from people in foreign countries wanting green cards, people who clearly are “friend collectors” and the occasional “fan” claiming that they “Loved you in Law and Order.” yeah right…you loved the back of my head playing doing extra work.  Then there’s the guy you had a one night stand with that you’d rather forget that remember.  Then there are the ones that get to you.
The people from high school.
I graduated from high school YEARS ago.  Seeing people resurface online that you saw for four years in the halls of school then for the most part never again has come with a variety of both nostalgia, regret, and questions.
I was not popular in high school, but certainly well known.  I was liked by many, or at least hoped that I was.  I was weird and a loner that got along well with many different groups, yet never really clicked with one in particular.  My adult post high-school social life has been a lot different in the sense that I have an amazing group of friends who accept me despite my bizarre and crazy life.  Yet, recently seeing people on Facebook from high school has brought back the same feeling of wanting acceptance in a weird way.
For example, I sent someone a friend request.  This is a person who I had an argument with at age 13, but after that this person seemed to be cool with me.  I attempt to “friend” this person and they diss me.  They “ignore” my request.  Frankly, I was pissed and surprised myself by feeling that way.  I felt that I was back in school once again and very self-concious.  I saw this person “friend” other people and wondered why they just couldn’t add me.  I mean…come on.  I’m a totally  different person now than I was in high school.  I’m actually kind of cool now (I think.)
Then there’s the friend in high school that you think is a better friend than they actually are.  This person popped up on the Fbook and added certain people and not me, it’s as if they didn’t think about trying to locate me.  I was more of an afterthought.  I see this person write on other people’s “walls” yet, when I attempt to say something, it’s ignored.  This person added someone they claimed that they hated while we were in school and constantly writes on their wall.
I suppose it’s frustrating too when I send people messages saying. “Hey I think I saw you in midtown, we should grab a drink…” only to be ignored.  Like, seriously wtf did I do l that you can’t seem to let go of other than, well, just being weird. 
Then you have the classmate that contacts you on Fbook, that you haven’t seen in years.  They ask you for $400 so they can take their kids to a Hannah Montana concert and if I don’t give them the money they threaten to call your mom and blackmail you by telling her that I used to be a stripper…go ahead and call bitch, she knows.
There are also the people that pleasantly surprise me.  I’ve developed a nice repor with a guy that frankly didn’t give me the time of day when we were in school.  He sent me such a touching email apologizing for not understanding me during those four years, that it made me cry.  I recently opened up to him about my facebook frustrations with our former alumni and he was extremely supportive and said most of those people are losers anyway!  Thank you M! 😉
If you’re one of my Fbook high school friends and read this and decide you want to delete me and block me and think I’m crazy maybe I just don’t care anymore.  I spent a huge part of my life looking for validation and acceptance from other people and I’m so getting over it.  I’m over it.  It’s fine with me if you think I’m a wild whore for taking off my top in front of strangers in public.   Whatev. You were popular for four years out of your life. I’d rather be popular in life than in high school. 

2 thoughts on “To “face” or not to “face”….that is the question.

  1. OMG. Same thing happened to me. Someone who I was friends with, decided not to be friends freshman year, and then ignored me on fb. What’s up with that?? It’s our lame alumni from our snooty midwestern high school clearly.

  2. Ditto. I started a group on Facebook for my junior high friends after finding a couple of them in there. Next morning, over 20 former classmates had joined up.

    So I tried to “friend” them seeing how they had joined the group. Except for this one guy who was real nice to me as a kid. He’s married and works in Alaska now. So I try to contact him twice and he disses me, yet doesn’t leave the group afterwards.

    People. Go figure…

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