My connection with Mario Lopez…

Well the Miss America pageant is one of my favorite things to blog about. I used to take pageants very seriously. Now I think they’re weird but fun to watch.

This year Mario Lopez is hosting Miss America. Last year it was Marc Summers from Nikelodeon’s Double Dare. I thought that was an odd choice, but I bet his agent really tried to swing him that gig again. Sorry Marc, you’ll be missed this year!

I feel that I have somewhat of a connection with Mario Lopez. I remember watching him on Kid’s Incorporated with Fergie. Then when I worked at Planet Hollywood as a hostess (it was a LONG time ago people) he came in a few times and smiled at me. I think he always ordered ribs. This was after “Saved By The Bell” was cancelled and Mario just finished shooting “The Greg Louganis Story”. I do not have a crush on Mario, yet still feel as if we have this bond that’s lasted over the years. The last time I saw Mario in person was in “A Chorus Line” on Broadway. The tickets were free. I questioned the casting choices in putting him in the show as “Zach”. He sat pretty close by my seat in the back of the theatre. The strange gay man sitting next to me was clearly wasted and in the middle of the show he gets up and starts talking to Mario. I felt bad for Mario, this probably took him by surprise. He still managed to get through the show, and once again although I feel a connection to him, I still questioned the casting choices. I also enjoy watcing “Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew”, not because Mario is the host, but because I really do enjoy the choreography and it’s an added bonus that Mario happens to host it.

I feel kind of bad because I doubt that Mario feels that he has a connection with me. He probably doesn’t even think twice about the hostess from Planet Hollywood from all of those years ago. It’s weird, if I had the opportunity to meet him I wouldn’t cry or be all star struck. I don’t even consider myself a fan.

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